from Reunions

By Brooklyn Copeland b. 1984 Brooklyn Copeland
Rings possess fingers.

Fingers remember
what the eyes have

blocked. The blindness
in this

case is figurative.
The figure in this

case is


Milled, folded,

Inlaid omen.
Mokume gane.

Ifs as hinges.
Ands as pins.

Rings as


In some remote
pre-dawn eye slit

                           the horizon largely
             the same

the cinquefoils still
chirpy and obliging the ox-eyed

             daisies and the daisies
                           fleabane and the worts and weeds

             the thistles and yarrows
still healing and exotic
                           in their ways—

Weeds bind.
             Tongues beard.
                           Thimbles berry.
             Balms bee.

Flags blue.


Rain clarifies colors—

                           colors reveal the brief
ambition of these
                           provincial weeds.
                           In gullies,

             mosses soft, mosses bright

as dyed suede
feel rich beneath scrubbed feet.

             Rain—nature’s iteration—

                           light paradiddles
                                       on the surface

                                                      of the creek.

How free-making this word

a judge!

Source: Poetry (November 2010).


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Poet Brooklyn Copeland b. 1984

POET’S REGION U.S., Midwestern

Subjects Nature

Poetic Terms Free Verse