Ars Poetica

By Dorothea Lasky b. 1978 Dorothea Lasky
I wanted to tell the veterinary assistant about the cat video Jason sent me
But I resisted for fear she'd think it strange
I am very lonely
Yesterday my boyfriend called me, drunk again
And interspersed between ringing tears and clinginess
He screamed at me with a kind of bitterness
No other human had before to my ears
And told me that I was no good
Well maybe he didn't mean that
But that is what I heard
When he told me my life was not worthwhile
And my life's work the work of the elite.
I say I want to save the world but really
I want to write poems all day
I want to rise, write poems, go to sleep,
Write poems in my sleep
Make my dreams poems
Make my body a poem with beautiful clothes
I want my face to be a poem
I have just learned how to apply
Eyeliner to the corners of my eyes to make them appear wide
There is a romantic abandon in me always
I want to feel the dread for others
I can feel it through song
Only through song am I able to sum up so many words into a few
Like when he said I am no good
I am no good
Goodness is not the point anymore
Holding on to things
Now that's the point

Dorothea Lasky, "Ars Poetica" from Black Life. Copyright © 2010 by Dorthea Lasky.  Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.

Source: Black Life (Wave Books, 2010)


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Poet Dorothea Lasky b. 1978

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Subjects Living, Life Choices, Arts & Sciences, Poetry & Poets, Love, Break-ups & Vexed Love, Realistic & Complicated

Poetic Terms Ars Poetica