Macular Hole

By Catherine Wagner Catherine Wagner
Please god love me and buy me
Read this hillock and ride me
Wraith typing all day for money.
God bought me today for two silver fish in a can
God bought me tomorrow for bland in a pan
and a card an email from Rebecca
Bought four hours of my control alt delete shut down
Bought a new day-section with a headstand
My commerce in shall
Sky like a grandstand
God performed me today for a half minute
in locker room hiding my boobs from the kids
and my hair is silky and my mane shot silk gold
Bought a book on economy
Georgie Bataille
Called about plane tickets
Georgie Bataille
I bought my debt today
Georgie Bataille hooray
Debt off my God today
God off my debt in a macular hole
I dream of an end like a fount to this night
Run thinner and thinner and then it’s all light
Macerated in signal
by my go
I bought my ghost I walk my ghost

Catherine Wagner, “Macular hole” from Macular Hole, published by Fence Books. Copyright © 2004 by Catherine Wagner. Reprinted by permission of Catherine Wagner.

Source: Macular Hole (Fence Books, 2004)


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Poet Catherine Wagner

POET’S REGION U.S., Midwestern

Subjects Living, The Body, Relationships, Family & Ancestors, Religion, God & the Divine, Arts & Sciences, Poetry & Poets, Reading & Books, Social Commentaries, Money & Economics

Poetic Terms Free Verse