By P. Inman b. 1947 P. Inman

for Tom Raworth

                 a.    taupe. wald.

             less.    commas.
             into.    gelatin.


           “let’s.    call.
               my.    age.
       leaning.    into.
           some.    dream.


              the.    further. he.
        moves.    away.
              the.    more. surfaces.
              the.    longer.
            they.    end.
                as.    her. midst.


               my.    nose.
                 of.    all.
       trouble.    upon.
                    .    siecle.)

              my.    polk. m’edge.

P. Inman, "reception. theory." from at. least.. Copyright © 1999 by P. Inman.  Reprinted by permission of Krupskaya.

Source: at. least.. (Krupskaya, 1999)


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Poet P. Inman b. 1947

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

SCHOOL / PERIOD Language Poetry

Subjects Arts & Sciences, Language & Linguistics