Of the Divine as Absence and Single Letter

By Idra Novey Idra Novey
If our view were not a Holiday Inn
but a fringe of trees, I could say G here
is our greenly hidden.
                                          If we lived
amid Joe-Pye weed and high grass
instead of spackle and peeling plaster
I could say perhaps
                                  I’m listening to G now
but mean the owl, a wind playing the silo,
a sticking sorrow,
                               any sound but the snore
of our latest visitor on the futon. Dear G,
please make him turn, make me kinder.
I’m not far from unfathoming it all.

Source: Poetry (November 2012).


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Poet Idra Novey

Subjects Religion, Faith & Doubt, God & the Divine

Poetic Terms Free Verse