The Fox Bead in May

By Hannah Sanghee Park b. 1986
The kiss is, strictly speaking, a passing
of of   twice: a bead from her mouth to his,
then back, ad nauseam, and the boys who lived
and died for it. The lovely girl amassing

ninety-nine spirits, and in high spirits
for consuming her highest amount. Once
the hundredth boy arrived she starts her hunt
in her haunt, a hill’s field filled with fitting

Artemisia absinthium.
And every day they kissed to swap the bead
and for a month he waned and wans

and when he learned the truth about her tongue,
he downed the bead: her true form a nine-tailed
fox who could have turned human, had he kissed on.

Source: Poetry (November 2013).


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Poet Hannah Sanghee Park b. 1986


Subjects Mythology & Folklore, Fairy-tales & Legends

Poetic Terms Free Verse