I Found a Four-Leaf Clover

By Jack Prelutsky b. 1940 Jack Prelutsky
I found a four-leaf clover
and was happy with my find,
but with time to think it over,
I’ve entirely changed my mind.
I concealed it in my pocket,
safe inside a paper pad,
soon, much swifter than a rocket,
my good fortune turned to bad.

       I smashed my fingers in a door,
       I dropped a dozen eggs,
       I slipped and tumbled to the floor,
       a dog nipped both my legs,
       my ring slid down the bathtub drain,
       my pen leaked on my shirt,
       I barked my shin, I missed my train,
       I sat on my dessert.

I broke my brand-new glasses,
and I couldn’t find my keys,
I stepped in spilled molasses,
and was stung by angry bees.
When the kitten ripped the curtain,
and the toast burst into flame,
I was absolutely certain
that the clover was to blame.

       I buried it discreetly
       in the middle of a field,
       now my luck has changed completely,
       and my wounds have almost healed.
       If I ever find another,
       I will simply let it be,
       or I’ll give it to my brother—
       he deserves it more than me.

Text © 1984 Jack Prelutsky. Used by Permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Source: Kids Pick the Funniest Poems (HarperCollins Publishers Inc, 1991)

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Poet Jack Prelutsky b. 1940

POET’S REGION U.S., Northwestern

Subjects Living, Youth, Relationships, Home Life, Family & Ancestors

Holidays St. Patrick's Day

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

 Jack  Prelutsky


Jack Prelutsky is a creator of inventive poems for children and adults alike. He served as the Poetry Foundation’s Children’s Poet Laureate from 2006 to 2008. Prelutsky grew up in the Bronx, and when he was young he studied classical music; though he gave up pursuing a career as an opera singer to concentrate on writing, he continues to sing.

In a Scholastic.com interview, when asked where his ideas come from, Prelutsky said, . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, Youth, Relationships, Home Life, Family & Ancestors

POET’S REGION U.S., Northwestern

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

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