“I was passionate ...”

By Lal Ded b. 1355 Lal Ded

Translated By Jane Hirshfield

I was passionate,
filled with longing,
I searched
far and wide.

But the day
that the Truthful One
found me,
I was at home.

Lal Ded, “I was passionate ...,” translated by Jane Hirshfield, from Women in Praise of the Sacred (New York: HarperCollins, 1994). Reprinted with the permission of the translator.

Source: Women in Praise of the Sacred (HarperCollins Publishers Inc, 1994)

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Poet Lal Ded b. 1355


Subjects Relationships, Religion, Home Life, Love, Desire, The Spiritual


Born in modern-day Kashmir, 14th-century Kashmiri saint and mystic poet Lal Ded (Mother Lalla), also known as Lalla or Lalleshwari, was married at the age of 12 into a family that was reported to have regularly mistreated her. After becoming a disciple of Sidh Srikanth, she renounced her material life and marriage to become a devotee of the god Shiva. As a mystic, she wandered naked, reciting her proverbs and quatrain-based . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Relationships, Religion, Home Life, Love, Desire, The Spiritual


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