"walking person who has sky flowing–by one who beside is as if"

By Leslie Scalapino 1947–2010 Leslie Scalapino
walking person who has sky flowing–by one who beside is as if
being backward by walking in life of people? but of one being 'defense-
less' by the huge–is elating which is time.

    'I was by a bigger bird - inside' - walking

    walking by (someone with the sky flowing) disturbed by being–
by it–
    (compared by being–to past event: man seeing red tail hawk sit-
ting in the city beside smaller bird disturbed calling)–(one walking
by someone)–beside is 'embarrassing as being action' in one–
(from)(its)(in the) present.
    'embarrassed' is being elated simply here (as:) with one.

Leslie Scalapino. "walking person who has sky flowing–by one who beside is as if..." from New Time copyright © 1999 by Leslie Scalapino and reprinted by permission of Wesleyan University Press.

Source: New Time (Wesleyan University Press, 1999)

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Poet Leslie Scalapino 1947–2010


 Leslie  Scalapino


An experimental writer associated with the West Coast Language poets, Leslie Scalapino attended Reed College and received an MA in English from the University of California at Berkeley. Scalapino’s writing often blurs the distinctions between poetry, prose, and even the visual arts—her book Crowd and not evening or light (1992) includes photographs with handwritten notes. Her collections include Considering how exaggerated music . . .

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