First Glance

By Susan Hutton Susan Hutton
The Lumieres’ first movies were of ordinary life:
workers leaving their father’s factory;
parents at the table while the baby eats.
The brothers found the man’s hands at work building a wall
just as beautiful when played backwards,
the man leaping into the water
and equal delight when he rose again into the air.
It’s strange the brothers gave up so quickly on film, but they did.
People would grow bored, they said, could see the same thing on the street.
A novelty, they told their father, and returned to manufacturing.

Susan Hutton, "First Glance" from On the Vanishing of Large Creatures. Copyright © 2007 by Susan Hutton.  Reprinted by permission of Carnegie Mellon University Press.

Source: On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2007)

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Poet Susan Hutton

Subjects Jobs & Working, Activities

 Susan  Hutton


Susan Hutton’s first book of poems On the Vanishing of Large Creatures will be out in January 2007 from Carnegie Mellon University Press.

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SUBJECT Jobs & Working, Activities

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