Flat: Sentences from the Prefaces of Fourteen Science Books

By Bruce Covey Bruce Covey
1.  Mary-Frances applied continual pressure on me to start
      the job and helped in recording and editing.
2.  Thanks to Sandra for her heroic typing, although this
      need not be taken to indicate her agreement with
      various points.
3.  Peter provided information about the notorious
      perpetual pills.
4.  As someone who gloried in seeing dogma overturned,
     he would have delighted in the irony of seeing
     arguments for the reverse.
5.  And without their willingness to take on the chore of
     responding to our whims and fancies over a 3-year
     period, this book would have fallen short of its goals.
6.  The production of this tome would have been
     unthinkable without the marvelous electronic tools that
     are now widely available.
7.  However, Chapter 7 was written in a relatively self-
     contained fashion, so the serious student may skip
     Chapter 6 and delve directly into the theory.
8. The late abbess of Shasta Abbey proved that looking
     through different windows into the same room is not a
9.  Nick, who is writing a book on oxygen, gave much 
     appreciated data concerning that element.
10. The filmstrip format employed in Chapter 10 originated
       with Elizabeth.
11.  I have been very fortunate in being able to use such
        penetrating minds.
12.  In recent months, I have often felt like a small child in a
       sweet shop as astronomers all round the world have sent
       me the most mouthwatering new data.
13.  Suffice it at this point to observe that I am not just talking 
       about wallpaper patterns on shirts and dresses, although
       many of these patterns do turn out to have interesting 
14.  I do not expect that many readers will want to be 
       masochistic enough to want to read the book in order 
       from cover to cover.

Bruce Covey, "Flat: Sentences from 14 Science Books" from Glass Is Really A Liquid. Copyright © 2010 by Bruce Covey. Reprinted by permission of Bruce Covey.

Source: Glass Is Really a Liquid (No Tell Books LLC, 2010)

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Poet Bruce Covey

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The son of two chemists, poet and editor Bruce Covey was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and educated at Yale University, where he earned an MA in English literature. Influenced by John Ashbery and Ron Padgett, Covey’s poems often utilize narrative and sequence, sometimes engaging found text, with both playfulness and urgency. Reviewing Glass Is Really a Liquid for the Rumpus, Weston Cutter noted that Covey’s poems “make sense, . . .

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SUBJECT Activities, School & Learning, Arts & Sciences, Sciences, Reading & Books, Humor & Satire, Language & Linguistics

POET’S REGION U.S., Southern

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