[Sometimes I want a corset like...]

By Lisa Robertson b. 1961 Lisa Robertson
Sometimes I want a corset like
to harden me or garnish. I
think of this stricture—rain
language, building—as a corset: an
outer ideal mould, I feel
the ideal moulding me the ideal
is now my surface just so very
perfect I know where to buy it and I
take it off. I take it off. If all things fall
and we are just emperors, serious
and accurate and fugitive
in such dormant lines of gorgeousness
the day is a locksmith
dew lies long on the grass
and I a rustic ask: what is
a surface—and respond
only omniscience, the crumpling face
as the domestic emotions elucidate
themselves a sea of mist
exists so strangely side by side
the potent mould of anarchy and scorn.

Lisa Robertson, "[Sometimes I want a corest like...]" from the weather. Copyright © 2001 by Lisa Robertson.  Reprinted by permission of New Star Books.

Source: the weather (New Star Books, 2001)

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Poet Lisa Robertson b. 1961


Subjects Living, The Body, The Mind, Nature, Weather

 Lisa  Robertson


Poet Lisa Robertson was born in Toronto in 1961. She lived for many years in Vancouver, where she studied at Simon Fraser University, ran an independent bookstore, and was a collective member of the Kootenay School of Writing, a writer-run center for writing, publishing, and scholarship. While in Vancouver, Robertson was also involved in Artspeak Gallery, an alternative gallery that connects the visual arts and writing; she is . . .

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SUBJECT Living, The Body, The Mind, Nature, Weather


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