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Grief and grace in the last century of Poetry magazine.

by The Editors

In the course of reading poems to include in an upcoming centennial anthology of work from our pages, we found ourselves appreciating more poems than could be included in the book. Throughout the coming year, we will feature selections from past issues that illuminate current content, but won’t appear in The Open Door: One Hundred Poems, One Hundred Years of Poetry Magazine. What follows are poems and letters that dovetail with “Poets We’ve Known.”

“Wreath” from New and Collected Poems: 1952–1992 by Geoffrey Hill. © 1994 by Geo≠rey Hill. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved. “Song” from Body of Waking by Muriel Rukeyser.
“Song for Dead Children” from The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukesyer. Reprinted by permission of William Rukeyser and International Creative Management. “Gay Chaps at the Bar” and “Still Do I Keep My Look, My Identity ...” by Gwendolyn Brooks. Reprinted by consent of Brooks Permissions. “Political Reflection” and “To the Mannequins” from The Collected Poems of Howard Nemerov. Reprinted by per- mission of University of Chicago Press.“Letter to the Editor” by Geoffrey Grigson and reprinted by permission of David Higham Associates. “A riposte to Geoffrey Grigson’s ‘A Letter From England,’ January 1937” and “A response to Geoffrey Grigson, May 1937” by William Empson. Reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press.

Originally Published: April 2, 2012


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This prose originally appeared in the April 2012 issue of Poetry magazine

April 2012

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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