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This and That

Dabbling with Doubling in the February 2016 Poetry

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Resisting, Remaking

January 2016 Resisting, Remaking Social and Environmental Justice in the January 2016 Poetry

Word Games

December 2015 Word Games Decoding the December 2015 Poetry  

Old Strange Books

November 2015 Old Strange Books Reading about Reading in the November 2015 Poetry

Strange Turns

October 2015 Strange Turns Verse and Vertigo in the October 2015 Poetry

Trying to Relate

September 2015 Trying to Relate Love and Loathing in the September 2015 Poetry

Laugh Lines

July/August 2015 Laugh Lines Limericks galore in the July/August 2015 Poetry

Un-Ideal Husband

June 2015 Un-Ideal Husband Wooing Woefully in the June 2015 Poetry

Wheel Talk

May 2015 Wheel Talk Circles and Cycles in the May 2015 Poetry

Art, Artifice, and Artifact

April 2015 Art, Artifice, and Artifact BreakBeat Poets in the April 2015 Poetry

On Koch

March 2015 On Koch Fixing on the Fleeting in the March 2015 Poetry

What’s the Story?

February 2015 What’s the Story? Tracking Narratives in the February 2015 Poetry

Memory Devices

January 2015 Memory Devices The Presence of the Past in the January 2015 Poetry

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