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This and That

Dabbling with Doubling in the February 2016 Poetry

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To the Letter

December 2014 To the Letter Alphabet Songs in the December 2014 Poetry

Home and Away

November 2014 Home and Away Questions of Travel in the November 2014 Poetry

Getting On

October 2014 Getting On Time Flies in the October 2014 Poetry

Versed in the Worst

September 2014 Versed in the Worst Food and Fate in the September 2014 Poetry

Animal House

July/August 2014 Animal House People and Other Creatures in the July/August 2014 Poetry

Metaphor as Mental Force

June 2014 Metaphor as Mental Force Denial and Survival in the June 2014 Poetry

Catching the Drift

May 2014 Catching the Drift Mysterious Passages in the May 2014 Poetry

The End of the Line

April 2014 The End of the Line Matters of Life and Death in the April 2014 Poetry

Containing Multitudes

March 2014 Containing Multitudes Social Engagement in the March 2014 Poetry


February 2014 Skylines Urban Exploration in the February 2014 Poetry


January 2014 Framed Visual Art as a Window onto Poetry

The Fine Art of Poetry

December 2013 The Fine Art of Poetry Taking a Good Look at the December 2013 Poetry

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