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Old Strange Books

Reading about Reading in the November 2015 Poetry

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The Art of Losing

July/August 2013 The Art of Losing Past and Presence in the July/August 2013 Poetry

Capturing a Foreign Land

June 2013 Capturing a Foreign Land Poems and Pictures of Contemporary Afghanistan

About Time

May 2013 About Time Seizing the Day in the May 2013 Poetry

Verse's Versatility

April 2013 Verse's Versatility Functions of Form in the April 2013 Poetry

Some Advice on That Device

March 2013 Some Advice on That Device A Mix of Metaphors in the March 2013 Poetry

Crazy Talk

February 2013 Crazy Talk Enchanting Rants in the February 2013 Poetry

Verse Aversions

January 2013 Verse Aversions Mixed Feelings in the January 2013 Poetry

Out of Our Ken

December 2012 Out of Our Ken Questing for answers in the December 2012 Poetry

Our Quotation Quota

November 2012 Our Quotation Quota Meditations on Memorability in the November 2012 Poetry

In Good Form

October 2012 In Good Form The Art of Craft in the October 2012 Poetry

Ghost Writers

September 2012 Ghost Writers Matters of life and death in the September 2012 Poetry

Of Two Minds

July/August 2012 Of Two Minds Identity Crises in the July 2012 Poetry

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