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The End of the Line

Matters of Life and Death in the April 2014 Poetry


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The Sun and Shadows

December 2010 The Sun and Shadows Questions and answers in the December issue of Poetry.


September 2010 Verticism Dizzying highs in the September issue of Poetry.

Call and Response

April 2010 Call and Response Everything you wanted to know about poetry but were afraid to ask.

In Search of Estrangement

December 2009 In Search of Estrangement Strange encounters of the poetic kind in the December issue of Poetry.

Engaging the Senses

September 2009 Engaging the Senses This discussion guide provides suggestions and questions to get readers started ...

The World in Poetry

April 2009 The World in Poetry Each April, Poetry magazine devotes its pages exclusively to poetry in ...

Finding the Subject

December 2008 Finding the Subject Sometimes a poem’s subject is obvious: it has a story to tell, an incident to ...

Telling it Slant

April 2008 Telling it Slant What are the different ways a poem can deal with death? How is a poem like (and not ...

The Political and the Poetic

April 2007 The Political and the Poetic How does poetry fit into different political and social realities around the world? ...

What is—and is not—lost in translation

April 2006 What is—and is not—lost in translation Can we reconcile what is being said in a poem with how it is being said? Is there a ...

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