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The Presence of the Past in the January 2015 Poetry

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Lucifer, labor, and lying

September 2011 Lucifer, labor, and lying The literal and the metaphorical in the September issue of Poetry.

Sweets and Suites

July/August 2011 Sweets and Suites The July/August double issue of Poetry searches for hidden, transformative ...

Seduction and Betrayal

June 2011 Seduction and Betrayal The problems and joys of translation in the June issue.

Words Gone Sideways

May 2011 Words Gone Sideways The May issue showcases savvy puns and slips of the tongue.

Is This Thing On?

April 2011 Is This Thing On? The April issue investigates poetry's audience.

Who do you think you are?

March 2011 Who do you think you are? Identity crises in the March issue of Poetry.

On the Poetry Beat

February 2011 On the Poetry Beat The February issue provides an opportunity to explore the connections between poetry ...

Outside In

January 2011 Outside In Is there a right way to read a poem?

The Sun and Shadows

December 2010 The Sun and Shadows Questions and answers in the December issue of Poetry.


September 2010 Verticism Dizzying highs in the September issue of Poetry.

Call and Response

April 2010 Call and Response Everything you wanted to know about poetry but were afraid to ask.

In Search of Estrangement

December 2009 In Search of Estrangement Strange encounters of the poetic kind in the December issue of Poetry.

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