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This and That

Dabbling with Doubling in the February 2016 Poetry

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In Good Form

October 2012 In Good Form The Art of Craft in the October 2012 Poetry

Ghost Writers

September 2012 Ghost Writers Matters of life and death in the September 2012 Poetry

Of Two Minds

July/August 2012 Of Two Minds Identity Crises in the July 2012 Poetry

Outside the Box

June 2012 Outside the Box Forms and Contents in the June 2012 Poetry

Parent Traps

May 2012 Parent Traps Imperfect parents and chary children in the May 2012 Poetry

Name Games

April 2012 Name Games Questioning identity in the April 2012 Poetry

Speech! Speech!

March 2012 Speech! Speech! Saying the Unsayable in the March 2012 Poetry

Who Knows?

February 2012 Who Knows? Invention and Attention in the February 2012 Poetry

All in the Timing

January 2012 All in the Timing Stops and Starts in the January 2012 Poetry

Hidden Messages

December 2011 Hidden Messages Questioning the Answers in the December issue of Poetry

Getting in Shape

November 2011 Getting in Shape Form and Function in the November 2011 Poetry

The Long and Short of It

October 2011 The Long and Short of It Macrocosms and miniatures in the October issue of Poetry.

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