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Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian respond:

by Peter Gizzi
Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian respond:

Through our oversight, "Imagine Lucifer..." was among the poems we sent to Poetry in response to the editors' request for unpublished Jack Spicer materials; we had originally given the poem, along with other Spicer documents, to Ben Mazer for his "Berkeley Renaissance" portfolio, which appeared in Fulcrum. But Stephen Sturgeon's implication—that we consistently obscure the significant contributions of other editors of Spicer's work—is, in a word, rich. In private and in public (see, for example, the review of Fulcrum #3 which appeared in Jacket #26) we have many times praised Mazer's efforts on behalf of the poets of the Berkeley Renaissance, in particular his work on Landis Everson. What was originally a kindness to Mazer and an endorsement of his project, Sturgeon now turns on its head as though we were resentful of his efforts. As for the case of Spicer's poem "The city of Boston..." and its appearance in several venues, all we can say is that Sturgeon would detect a pattern of evil in apples and oranges.
Originally Published: October 23, 2008

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This prose originally appeared in the October 2008 issue of Poetry magazine

October 2008
 Peter  Gizzi


Educated at New York University, Brown University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo, poet Peter Gizzi is the author of several collections of poetry, including Threshold Songs (2011), The Outernationale (2007), and Artificial Heart (1998). Influenced by Ezra Pound, the Beats, and John Ashbery, Gizzi uses both narrative and lyrical gestures to engage and question distance and light in his search for the unmapped. . . .

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Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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