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by William Logan
Dear Editor,

Surely the devil is in the details just as much as the details are in the devil. In the October issue, Don Share suggests that Elizabeth Bishop first met Robert Lowell "in late 1946 or early 1947." Thomas Travisano, in his introduction to the Lowell/Bishop letters, fixes the date as January, 1947, which is also the date mentioned by Lowell's biographer, Paul Mariani.

In his review of the late Sarah Hannah's book, Jason Guriel says that she was a "one-time nominee for Yale Younger Poet." Hannah was a semi-finalist for the Yale Younger Poets prize, not a nominee. There are no nominees. Poetry books often carry the cheerful information that the author has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Surely it's time to blow this gaff. The authors have been nominated all right—they've been nominated by their own publishers.

Gainsville, Florida

Originally Published: October 24, 2008

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This prose originally appeared in the November 2008 issue of Poetry magazine

November 2008


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Poet and critic William Logan was born in Boston in 1950 and earned degrees from Yale University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Since 1975, his work—both poetry and criticism—has regularly appeared in major journals and publications such as the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Paris Review, Poetry, and the New Criterion. He is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Sad-Faced Men (1982), Sullen Weedy Lakes (1988), . . .

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Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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