Letter from Poetry Magazine

Letter to the Editor

by Jeff Alessandrelli

Dear Editor,

I definitely plan on buying Michael “Gawker Poetics” Robbins’s book when it appears in 2012, and will continue to look out for his work until then. Unfortunately, though, he is a less-than-stellar interviewee [December 2010]. I was more confused after reading his responses than I was after reading the poems, and I wasn’t much confused after reading the poems—at least not in a bad, which-way-did-the-wind-blow-my-favorite-hat kind of way. I was wowed, curious, stimulated. With the half-obfuscating interviews after the fact, however, not so much.

But I’m glad poets like Robbins are writing, and I’m glad poets like him are being published in Poetry. Thanks for the issue.

lincoln, nebraska

Originally Published: February 1, 2011



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This prose originally appeared in the February 2011 issue of Poetry magazine

February 2011

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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