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January 2009

C. K. Williams, Kim Addonizio, Peter Munro, Roddy Lumsden, J. T. Barbarese, Scott Cairns, and more.

January 2009

Cover art: Alvaro Barrios, "Five Readymades (Belle Haleine, Eau de Violette)," 2008. (Courtesy of Nohra Haime Gallery)


J. T. Barbarese

Scott Cairns

W. S. Di Piero

Roddy Lumsden

C. K. Williams

Anne Winters

Wendy Videlock

Fiona Sampson

Peter Munro

Dan Stryk


Daisy Fried

Michael Hofmann

  • The Linebacker and the Dervish
  • Lowell stormed the literary world; while Bishop orbited its periphery. On closely reading their collected letters, a poet and critic uncovers a new way to read their mythologized friendship.

Clive James

Fiona Sampson

  • Bounce and Rebound
  • The whip-crack language and zig-zag reality of a young poet from Belarus.

Arnold Rampersad


Michael Derrick Hudson

Jason Guriel

Llyn Clague

Robert Archambeau

Michael Theune

Alice Pillsbury

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