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February 2009

Virgil, David Ferry, Michael Ryan, Marianne Boruch, Kevin C. Powers, Arthur Vogelsang, and more.

February 2009

Cover art: Tony Fitzpatrick, detail from "Red Diamond Horse," 2008.


Kim Addonizio

Stephen Dunn

Michael Ryan

Dean Young

David Ferry

Wendy Videlock

Rhoda Janzen

Peter Munro

Chelsea Rathburn

Bruce Mackinnon


Mary Ann Caws

Michael Hofmann

Joshua Mehigan

Jon Stallworthy

Averill Curdy

A. E. Stallings

Thomas Sayers Ellis

D. A. Powell

The Editors

Ange Mlinko

Charles Bernstein

Nate Klug

Sasha Dugdale

Hate Socialist Collective


Beverley Bie Brahic

The Editors

Michael Greenspan

Carmine Starnino

Michael Robbins

Rob Jacques

Steven Collins

Jerry Payne

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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