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April 2011

Averill Curdy, Scott Cairns, Roddy Lumsden, Dave Smith, Laura Kasischke, C. K. Williams, and more.

April 2011

Cover art: Victor Kerlow, "Now That's Over," 2010


Averill Curdy

Roddy Lumsden

Dave Smith

Laura Kasischke

C. K. Williams

Karen An-hwei Lee

Atsuro Riley


David Orr

  • Public Poetry?
  • Thomas Sayers Ellis’s Skin, Inc., Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation, C.D. Wright’s One with Others, and Elenor Wilner’s Tourist in Hell.

Jason Guriel

Abigail Deutsch

  • Oh, hi there, reader! Hello!
  • Matthew Zapruder’s Come On All You Ghosts, Vera Pavlova’s If There is Something to Desire, and Kristin Naca’s Bird Eating Bird.


Michael Stanford

Eugene Batizat

Paul Otremba

Benjamin Glass

Dante Di Stefano

Peter Pitzele

Allen Edwin Butt

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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