Past Exhibitions

Open Space: Micro-Press Works, 1950s to Present

Open Space: Micro-Press Works, 1950s to Present

Feb 23, 2012 – May 11, 2012

Open Space brings together chapbooks published by twelve renowned micro-presses from the 1950s to the present day with original publications by poets Jack Spicer, Gwendolyn Brooks, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Olson, Lyn Hejinian, and many others. The books on display were designed and printed in collaboration with poets and visual artists, and range from gritty DIY photocopied pamphlets to finely crafted letterpress editions.

Beautiful Outsiders

Beautiful Outsiders

Nov 6, 2011 – Feb 13, 2012

Legendary independent presses Black Sparrow, Burning Deck, and Fulcrum are noted for the diversity of their publication history and their striking, immediately recognizable visual aesthetic. This exhibition features titles from the Poetry Foundation Library collection.

The Alternative Press Multiple Originals Project

The Alternative Press Multiple Originals Project

Sep 21, 2011 – Nov 4, 2011

The Multiple Originals Project is an exhibit of postcards created by poets Robert Creeley, Alice Notley, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, and others in collaboration with Ken and Ann Mikolowski. The exhibit, curated by Catherine Halley, is presented concurrently with a multimedia feature about the press on

In celebration of the Poetry Foundation’s inaugural exhibit, The Alternative Press Multiple Originals Project, poets Bill Berkson, Andrei Codrescu, and Emily Warn, talk with poet and press founder Ken Mikolowski about the history and cultural impact of The Alternative Press.

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