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The Poetry Magazine Podcast

The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.

Her Victorian Roots are Showing

The editors pick highlights from an interview with Seamus Heaney and Fanny Howe's notebooks; and listen and comment on poems by Joan Houlihan, Roddy Lumsden, and Fred D'Aguiar.

More Episodes from The Poetry Magazine Podcast

Date Title Poets
3/1/2011 Listen to this podcast

Expert in Earth, Eager in Flesh

  • Gottfried Benn
  • Carolyn Forché
  • Paul Hoover
  • Kabir
2/1/2011 Listen to this podcast

Poetry Cannot be Skimmed

  • Carolyn Forché
  • Jessica Jopp
  • Adam Kirsch
  • Thomas P. Lynch
  • Alicia Ostriker
1/1/2011 Listen to this podcast

Why Can’t Lust be Love?

  • Madeleine Avirov
  • Jennifer Chang
  • Jill Alexander Essbaum
  • Mark Strand
  • Franz Wright
12/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

The Possibility of an Answer

  • Linda Gregerson
  • Tom Pickard
  • Vijay Seshadri
11/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

May We Blossom Every Fifty Years

  • Brooklyn Copeland
  • W. S. Di Piero
  • Karen An-hwei Lee
  • Giacomo Leopardi
10/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Loneliness Rhymes and Slippery Slopes

  • Bob Hicok
  • Jane Mead
  • Ange Mlinko
  • Eleanor Ross Taylor
  • Rachel Wetzsteon
9/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Nothing Plus the Idea of Chocolate

  • Tony Hoagland
  • Maria Hummel
  • Jacob Saenz
  • David Shapiro
  • Matthew Zapruder
7/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Meat Wants Sweet

  • Robert P. Baird
  • Iain McGilchrist
  • Wilmer Mills
  • Robert Pinsky
  • Sandra Simonds
  • Connie Voisine
6/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Iamb What Iamb

  • Allen Edwin Butt
  • Clare Cavanagh
  • Averill Curdy
  • Paul Hoover
  • Anna Kamienska
  • Ron Silliman
5/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

The Farmer’s in the Dell

  • David Biespiel
  • Andrew Hudgins
  • Linda Kunhardt
  • Eleanor Ross Taylor
4/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Don’t Hold Out for Love

  • H. L. Hix
  • Cathy Park Hong
  • Randall Mann
3/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

No Me, No You, No Opinions

  • Carlo Betocchi
  • Dan Gerber
  • Dorothea Grossman
  • Adam Kirsch
  • Gisela Kraft
2/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Why Live Without Writing?

  • Durs Grünbein
  • Robert Hass
  • Michael Hofmann
  • Sam Willetts
  • Martha Zweig
1/1/2010 Listen to this podcast

Are Poets Lazy Bastards?

  • Andrea Cohen
  • Mary De Rachewiltz
  • Timothy Murphy
  • Carmine Starnino
12/1/2009 Listen to this podcast

Poems Can Stop Bulldozers

  • Jill Alexander Essbaum
  • John Kinsella
  • Valzhyna Mort
11/1/2009 Listen to this podcast

Poetry Takes a Walk

  • Gottfried Benn
  • Peter Cole
  • James Schuyler
10/1/2009 Listen to this podcast

We Live in a Time Full of Love

  • A. V. Christie
  • W. S. Di Piero
  • Fernando Pessoa
  • Kevin Young
  • Richard Zenith
9/1/2009 Listen to this podcast

We Don't Have Cold Feet

  • Katia Kapovich
  • Ange Mlinko
  • Don Paterson
  • Lucia Perillo
7/10/2009 Listen to this podcast

"There's No Creativity, There's Just Decisions"

  • Kenneth Goldsmith
6/1/2009 Listen to this podcast

The Dark Has No Teeth

  • Averill Curdy
  • Thom Gunn
  • Michael Hofmann

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