International Poets in Conversation

International Poets in Conversation brings U.S. and international poets together to speak about poetry and poetics.

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Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellström
Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellerström discuss Swedish poetry and the challenges of translation, and they read some poems in both Swedish and English from their anthology, The Star By My Head.

Harris Khalique
Christopher Merrill speaks with Harris Khalique about literary traditions in Pakistan, the cultural influences of different cities, and the important role of women in Pakistani literature.

Matthew Shenoda
Kwame Dawes speaks with Matthew Shenoda about Shenoda's poetry and identity as an Egyptian American, and the poetry of the African diaspora.

Gabeba Baderoon
South Africa poet Gabeba Baderoon speaks with Matthew Shenoda about poetry and apartheid in South Africa.

Les Murray and Kevin Young
American poet Kevin Young talks to Les Murray about Australian poetry and culture.

Zeyar Lynn and James Byrne
Burmese poet Zeyar Lynn and English poet and translator James Byrne speak with Ilya Kaminsky about poetry from Burma.

Patrick Cotter and Matthew Sweeney
Irish poets Patrick Cotter and Matthew Sweeney discuss the history and current state of Irish poetry.

Chris Albani
Matthew Shenoda talks with Chris Abani about poetry in Nigeria, the oral and religious traditions in African poetry, and the one-sided conversation between African and European poets.

Patrizia Cavalli
Italian poet Patrizia Cavalli and American poet Geoffrey Brock speak with Ilya Kaminsky about Contemporary Italian Poetry and translation.

Vera Pavlova and Valzhyna Mort
Vera Pavlova from Russia and Valzhyna Mort from Belurus speak with Ilya Kaminsky.

Kwame Dawes
Egyptian-American writer Matthew Shenoda speaks with poet Kwame Dawes about African poetics, reggae, and poetry of the African diaspora.

Adam Zagajewski
Polish poet Adam Zagajewski talks to American translator Clare Cavanaugh and Ilya Kaminsky about contemporary Polish poetry.

Fady Joudah and Ghassan Zaqtan
Fady Joudah and Ghassan Zaqtan discuss Palestinian poetry with Ilya Kaminsky.

Jan Wagner
German poet Jan Wagner discusses some of the major German poets of the twentieth century with Ilya Kaminsky.

Dunya Mikhail
American poet Katie Ford talks to Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail about how the experience of natural and human disasters inform their work.

Nikola Madzirov
Macedonian poet Nikola Madzirov and Ilya Kaminsky discuss the poetics of war and its aftermath, and the nature of memory and rediscovering.

Three Native American Poets
A conversation between Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Linda Hogan, and Sherwin Bitsui.

Raúl Zurita
A conversation between Chilean poet Raúl Zurita and American poet Forrest Gander.

Aleš Šteger
The Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute hosts Aleš Šteger who reads from his works and talks about poetry in Slovenia.

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