Poetry and New Media: A Users' Guide

During 2009, the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute convened a group of poets, editors, publishers, and experts in copyright law and new media, with the goal of identifying obstacles preventing poetry from coming fully into new media and, where possible, imagining how to remove or mitigate these obstacles. Embracing the overarching value of access to poetry as its theme, the group saw that business, technological, and societal shifts had profound implications for poets publishing both in new and in traditional media, and also that poets have an opportunity to take a central role in expanding access to a broad range of poetry in the coming months and years. The resulting Poetry and New Media: A Users' Guide report covers topics such as copyright and fair use; royalties, permissions, and licensing; estates; access and lifelong engagement with poetry; and engaging educators, institutions, and communities.

The Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute invites poets, publishers, and everyone involved with poetry as an art form to consider this report, the upcoming Best Practices for Fair Use in Poetry document, and other available resources as they make their own thoughtful and conscious decisions based on their values and priorities in relation to these topics. As the new-media environment is ever changing, we present the Poetry and New Media report and the resulting Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Poetry in the spirit of an evolving conversation on a timely topic.

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