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Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute

Harriet Monroe
Harriet Monroe From the Poetry magazine archives

The Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute is an independent forum created to provide a space in which fresh thinking about poetry, in both its intellectual and its practical needs, can flourish free of any allegiance other than to the best ideas. With this in mind, the Institute convenes leading poets, scholars, publishers, educators, and other thinkers from inside and outside the poetry world to address issues of importance to the art form of poetry and to identify and champion solutions for the benefit of the art.

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  1. The Poets in the World series offers English-speaking audiences a rare glimpse at the poets who have shaped literary traditions around the globe, from Europe to Sweden, Iraq to China, and beyond. 

  2. International Poets in Conversation brings U.S. and international poets together to speak about poetry and poetics.

    Featured poets include Fady Joudah, Ghassan Zaqtan, Jan Wagner, Dunya Mikhail, Nikola Madzirov, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Linda Hogan, Sherwin Bitsui, Raúl Zurita, and Aleš Šteger.

  3. This selection of essays, interviews, and lesson plans gathers the best thinking about how we can impart the value and joy of poetry to kids.

    Edited by Dorothea Lasky, Dominic Luxford, and Jesse Nathan

Past Projects

  1. Essays by poets with national and international reputations discuss the inventive programs through which they've introduced poetry to diverse communities.

  2. A guide to reasonable and appropriate uses of copyrighted materials in new and old media.

  3. A report examining issues related to access to poetry in new media, covering topics such as copyright and fair use; royalties, permissions, and licensing; estates; and more.