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Tony Fitzpatrick Portfolio Featured in Poetry Magazine

Fitzpatrick: “I’ve decided to draw poems”
February 2nd, 2009

CHICAGO — Poetry magazine is pleased to feature a portfolio of work by Chicago-based collage artist and poet Tony Fitzpatrick. Inspired by post-Katrina New Orleans, “And All Other Ecstasies” is a series of poems that Fitzpatrick wrote, painted, and drew, combining text and materials from his collections of vintage advertisements, labels, matchboxes, menus, and more. In his introduction to the portfolio, Don Share, senior editor of Poetry, writes, “Embedded in constellations of old-timey illustrations, enclosed in staves of musical notes, and surrounded by a gallimaufry of silhouetted birds and dangerously indescribable female collage-creatures, these are texts born from humid, febrile dreams.”

Share continues, “When it comes to an unfathomable disaster like Katrina, normal modes of representation won’t work.” In a Times-Picayune interview, Fitzpatrick said of New Orleans, “I’ve thought long and hard about how to make art about this holy place. . . . So, for now, I’ve decided on words. . . . I’ve decided to draw poems.”

Fitzpatrick grew up surrounded not only by poetry but also by Poetry magazine. His mother, herself a poet, was a subscriber, and he remembers copies strewn about the house. “If you’re a friend of poetry, you’re a friend of mine,” he says.

Additionally, a separate series of his love poems—collages featuring Chicago-related elements—will be available in February as a slide show on—the website of the Poetry Foundation, publishers of Poetry magazine.


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