Philadelphia, PA / Catie Rosemurgy

It’s almost midnight on Monday night, and the Poetry Bus is rolling out of Philly. There goes Betsy Ross’s house. There goes the Ben Franklin Bridge.
There goes the strange magenta tower that dominates the Camden skyline.

I just moved to Philly about two months ago so I am experimenting with feeling nostalgic about the city’s sights. I have to say I was pretty proud of my new home tonight. There was a great turn out, great energy, lots of love for all things poetry. The reading was held in the old home of the Real World Philadelphia, which has been converted into a groovy, very white gallery space. A nice buzzy feeling that something good was happening filled the room. I have confirmed my opinion that it was a very fine evening with both Travis Nichols and Sierra Nelson, who pointed out that the fun level was especially impressive for a Monday night. One reason I wanted to ask them is because they have both been on the bus awhile—Travis since the beginning and Sierra since Toronto —and I wanted to be sure that Philly held up its end of the deal. The other reason is because I actually didn’t get to stay at the reading. When I showed up to get ready to read and went to check out the Bus (perfect!) I found out that for various logistical reasons we were actually pulling out of town after the reading and not in the morning. No problem, but I did have to duck out in the middle of things to go pack a bag. It was the best way for things to play out, though, because now I really do feel like I spontaneously decided to throw things in a bag and run off with the poetry circus.

On the other hand, I also feel a little car sick, or bus sick, from riding backwards and writing into a bouncing laptop as we roll on between the ditches. Cross your fingers!!!

Originally Published: October 2nd, 2006