Flagstaff, AZ / Jen Bervin

So little language in the sacred but so much else.

O Roden Crater. With hearts full to bursting in space I saw my friends.
Yesterday I wrote “Precise and glacially patient.” James Turrell at the scale of the intimate and immense. I want to tell you about it but there are no English equivalents. It holds you, this bowl, for a long long time.

Humbled deeply by the experience and the kindness, gentleness, and intelligence with which we were received. By the poems and soundscapes alive in that space. The Milky Way.

Joshua Beckman murmuring quietly over and over “I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving.”

“Light has a regular power for me. What takes place in viewing a space is wordless thought. It’s not as though it’s thinking and without intelligence; it’s that it has a different return than words.”
—James Turrell, interview with Julia Brown, Occluded Front: James Turrell (Lapis Press and Fellows of Contemporary Art, 1985)

Chris, Anna, Matvei, Eleni, daughter Eva all got off safely last night. We miss you.

Originally Published: October 17th, 2006