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Journal, Day Five November 17, 2006: [Indianapolis International Airport–Gate D1] US Airways Express Flight 3078G 17NOV 1200P Coach Class–Zone 3 Indianapolis to Boston 25 Thoughts for Friday 1. So many successful people in the [...] by

Journal, Day Four November 16, 2006: ********************** 11:40 a.m. Grant Street Inn Bloomington, IN I just returned from chatting with Cathy Bowman’s bright students: Ali (rhymes with Cali), Sara, Allie, Joyce, Zach, and Emily. [...] by

Journal, Day Three November 15, 2006: 4:12 a.m. 34 Concord Avenue, 3rd Floor [Listening to The Roots Game Theory and staring at this upright Steinway piano in my studio with the tall, glass vase of (tiger?) lilies I inherited from my [...] by

Journal, Day Two November 14, 2006: It was no less a revolution blistering with historic urgency, 10 years ago in June, when poets and teachers Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady auspiciously convened the first weeklong gathering of [...] by

Journal, Day One November 13, 2006: Against my better judgment, last night I drove from Burlington, Vermont, to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Intermittent rain and a broken headlight made for a harrowing trip. However, probably unlike [...] by

Journal, Day Five November 10, 2006: On Book Reviewing and A Few of My Favorite (Recent) Poetry Books I have been reviewing books for the El Paso Times of Texas since June of 2002. This opportunity has shaped the only newspaper column [...] by

Journal, Day Four November 9, 2006: On Music, Rhythm, Image, and the Other Essentials I Want to Find in Poetry I was chatting with fellow queer Chicano poet Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano at a coffee shop at St. Edward’s University in [...] by

Journal, Day Three November 8, 2006: On Writing Programs and the Profession I attended two writing programs: the poetry program at the University of California at Davis, where I worked with Sandra McPherson, Francisco X. Alarcón, and [...] by

Journal, Day Two November 7, 2006: On Poetry as Family Bond A few weeks ago I was sitting in front of my alma mater’s library, where I was tickled to discover that a coffee shop had been set up at the entrance. What a handy idea for [...] by

Journal, Day One November 6, 2006: On Being a Chicano Poet I am Chicano. Such a simple sentence, such a complex statement. The phrase is an act of empowerment, a recognition of cultural lineage, an affirmation of identity. I can make [...] by