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Story December 30, 2007: It was Sunday, 40 degrees with a snowstorm on the way. What do people do in the suburbs? I put on some Elliott Smith and went down to the riverfront. by

Book Parties December 28, 2007: Is there any moment more fulfilling and celebratory in a writer’s life than the book party? I have hosted one of my own, but have attended nearly a half-dozen and have found all of them superbly [...] by

Some Debts December 27, 2007: The January issue of Poetry goes live next week, along with my essay-review of new books by Mary Kinzie and Robert Pinsky. There was a bit that took me too far afield, so I excised it from the final [...] by

Getting and spending we lay waste our powers December 24, 2007: Many a Christmas carol has been spoiled by slick, oversweetened arrangement, piped into a mall to stimulate more panic buying. Christmas poems, read in a quiet moment to ourselves, are harder (though [...] by

The Flame Hatches December 23, 2007: Here in upstate New York near the St. Lawrence River, bordering the expanse of that fabled northern land called Canada, I was awestruck by sunrise, the first sunrise after the solstice! UTTERANCE [...] by

Happy Birthday, E.A. Robinson December 22, 2007: I actually had a couple of other posts brewing (or gestating, as Annie Finch put it), but the twin prompts of Ange’s Malice of the Sonnet post and a timely reminder via Writer’s Almanac, [...] by

Right On! December 22, 2007: Congratulations to poets Nikki Giovanni, Gregory Pardlo, and Tracy K. Smith. They are finalists for the first annual Essence Literary Award in the category of Poetry. Their books are: Acolytes by [...] by

a nocturnal December 21, 2007: Either today or tomorrow is the shortest day of the year: before the calendar reforms of the sixteenth century, that day would have been December 13, which is why that day, and not this day, remains [...] by

The Sonnet’s Malice December 21, 2007: I didn’t think I had anything to say about the sonnetfest here on Harriet. But then a friend sent me an article about Edwin Denby: great American ballet critic, friend of Frank O’Hara’s circle, [...] by

Five Avant-Garde Canadians of 2007 December 20, 2007: —————– I am embarking upon my vacation for the holidays—but before departing, I am going to propose five of the best books of avant-garde poetry published in [...] by