Name is about as close as one can get to a "novel" that was written by a machine and for a machine: it seems especially primed to attract and repel spam-blockers with its pseudo-porn opening, and yet it also tosses a distracting bone to the bots with its stream of seemingly random verbiage after its first paragraphs. But far as we can tell, Name is the exorbitant creation of a single human being who is known only by the name of "Toadex Hobogrammathon," the same person who created the Jarry-esque, day-glo colored website Dagmars Chili Pitas, the only "poetry" blog that renders even the marginal trappings of the format itself—such as the date, tables, fonts, colors, etc.—fodder for its neo-Dada somersaults.
Surprisingly, Name turns out to be a good read, perhaps more along the line of the current crop of procedural projects or Peter Manson's aggregation of junk phrases, Adjunct, than anything from Toni Morrison or Alan Davies, but nonetheless something to keep the retina fused to the screen, with a furious, decidedly No Wave soundtrack to boot. This is the perfect novel to run your computer's voice emulator on in the background while you while away precious life at the office.
Read Name in its entirety after the jump...

Name, a novel
Jade Foreskin stepped off the plank. The smell of turbid waters struck him, as though from afar, and he thought of Spain, medallions, and cork. How long had it been, sussing reader, since he had been in Spain with all those corkoid Spanish medallions, granted him by Generalissimo Hieronimo Susstro? Thirty, thirty-three years? Or maybe eighty-seven? Anyhow, as he slipped a whip clap down, he thought he might greet REVERSE BLOOD NUT 1, if only he could clear a wasp. And the plank was homely. After greeting a flock of fried antlers at the shevroad tuesday plied canticle massacre with a flash of blessed venom, he had been interviewed, but briefly, by the skinny wench of a woman. But now he was in Rio, fresh of a plank and trying to catch some asscheeks before heading on to Remorse.
I first came in the twilight of the Soviet. Swigging some muck, and lampreys, like a bad dram in a Soviet plezhvadya dish, licking an anagram off my hands so the ------ woundn't foust a stiff trinket up me. So that the Soviets would find out. 'Fuck, Peer Robert,' I said gutfully, as I tabbed a cigarette, 'this motherfucker thinks he can, etc.' A blood red runt scampering across the stage, reborn hail well elephant underground, I saved the statements for the later day.
I smell something, and taste it, and wish I had more of that. The Castle of Slurred Speech, of unsung tongues. I hear you listening in, this is impossible. There are scraps of two thousand, soon we can't remember it. I feel something besides scraps of tin men. God damn have I got to scrape up some rash! Even the slightest tingle, the littlest lick! can boys do very cleverly what the slightest legal stick! I'd heard it all before. But if this is what it's going to take to take down legal lingo, I'm going to wing with it.
'Why then you can pry my gold feline hands off me!' I said, jostling his moist gun.
You have got the action, Jackson, but I have got the plans.
Alalalala alaluivalve. Said the stork kindly. Alalabalamat as said by the
-- 'Oh goody goody gumdrops,' thought Jade Foreskin as he stuffed a fuck in a gondola (in Venice (Italy), the one into which off the plank had he stepped, 'now I can dit to gavel this ham shovel!' But it so heard to the Venetian young-lady-of-weak-knees, and what it had actually said was, 'now I can get my giblets off one more time!' or perhaps, 'now I can dig the gamble into this ham sandwich!' All hearsay. But, when he got out, the vase he purchased was no longer extinct. He'd found some fragments on the Jibernian coast, the archaeologist, very famous & well-to-do, sexy and so forth, that postdated that two-thousand-year-ago period by about the same time. So were modern. And they traced this to central Hungary, where a field recorder was knocked down by a smashing such jug.
We leave our dear Jade Foreskin, whore-forsaken, full of cud and these red Brazilian vegetables, reflecting on his fortyninethousand adharmic elements: 'Apperil franc drape pekan rosehip unsuspectedly Malpighian bathrooms Atherton galoped outgates avec plaisir scrawlingly oggin rejoicers docents verbalist antecedents hand-knit bigeneric loss adjusters nitratine muniment arrogant khurtas Yokohama hoses Ornithischia floatants sclaff chiffonnier carried through numerably slightingly channelise phosphorous anhydride statute miles pineta sudatory ministerium Minitel horsemeats dice-coal praemunire teocalli frenzical grips bases acalephas corpulence sjambokked refuellable primiparous labiovelar weather forecaster blethers gremolata collocate Lord Chancellor shoogles misogynists parklands Sabbath prefixes literalizer miscegenists keep good time unrestraints spirochaete coolie hats Ionesco surpasses Togoland extinguishers tubings secondary cells achromatising bene X-rayed malaxated 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Originally Published: March 19th, 2007

Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called some of the most "exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly. Goldsmith is the author of eight books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb (, and the editor I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol...

  1. July 11, 2009




    MS LINDA\r
    JULY 11, 2009

  2. July 12, 2009
     Desmond Swords

    Hello Ms Linda.\r

    Nawl nwight wong, wall white licky \r
    licky long time, wall night, wall\r
    night, phwoar baht, wall night \r
    wall white, lucky licky long time.\r

    Although Ms Linda, you do know I am exceedingly fond of Toadex Hobogrammathon's Name: it is an extremely hard-working and honest text polished to pefection and written by one trained in the art of eloquence and spelling. \r

    Proof is it enough Ms Linda that Hobogrammathon lacks neither talent nor prestige, as this gift with language on display is second to none; bar perhaps Cattalus, Cicero, Horace or Homer.\r

    These four alone would I raise above Toadex, and no other, living or deceased Ms Linda.\r

    To alloy such wit with depth of profundity and present in one solid block of what is delightfully innovative and not foetry nor flarf, as Moadamix Pullshidus claimed in missives to Loadovix Wamkitis at the Noetry portal where the twatentless gwather phwoar attempt to mwock what is delightful an achievement, as difficult as it is splendid. \r

    An astonishing hypnotic effrontery balanced by cool intellectual grace in which the make up of make up artists effortlessly combine with stunning sensitivity and charm any dabbler in iambic mimes would betray the innermost secret intelligences of their closest colleagues in any office, anywhere on this planet and beyond - to posses for just one solitary hour out of every 24,000, I bet Linda, my deepest dearest darling MS. \r

    Many a lesser intellect has been roused in fierce controversy behind Noetry Noitisnt walls, where what finally brought the whole Foetry movement to this conclusion, was indeed most amicably settled.\r

    Ever since Marcel Duchamp's reverse-psychology upended the art world by prioritizing and framing ideas instead of material Creation, by the simple act of rotating a standard Bedfordshire urinal 90 degrees, giving it a title of Fountain and signing it "R. Mutt 1917" - the subsequent success of Conceptual art has been assured Linda, my love.\r

    A success contingent not on quality calibrated by the concrete, but on the proclamation, promotion, propagandizing and publicity in the mass media organs of whatever theory, idea and intellectual scaffold the artist/s convince others to accept as agreeable readerly Reality, with only rhetoric and letters Linda.\r

    The avatars of Gertrude Stein and Bob Cobbing on LSD come to mind on reading the opening paragraph of this enchanting mystical, gorgeously seductive spell-block repelling cod and fake crazees without accreditation in the noble guild extant for centuries and, until now, sealed behind high ivory walls and forbidding esoteric towers where our warm inviting scribal source once flowed only for an exclusive few, inaccessible to the hordes, until now, with Name.\r

    May the gods continue to make: \r

    dice-weir boxes \r
    superconfident \r
    low-level telepathic\r
    peccable language\r

    identical daydreamers \r
    dapperling Moadex re-do do'd\r

    denotating bike rustre mini \r
    cacophonious calmative\r
    worrywart, deck saga, novel \r
    sun scrogs unlikes a consortium\r
    of cliffs: Kenneth Goldsmith\r

    pride of place and joy to us \r
    here at hear right writing \r

    official counsel, dual reasoning: \r
    who deserves Pliny \r
    who'd answer their prayers \r
    if he could\r

    and \r

    Nothing attracts me more so much \r
    as that love and longing\r
    for a lasting name
    , P said\r

    and we ken, \r

    must rest content with what history alone seems able to guarantee. Oratory and poetry win small favour unless they reach the highest standard of eloqeunce..