Yesterday in the Los Angeles Times, Bush was quoting as saying, “We don’t believe in timetables.” This made a tree of questions grow in my mind.

Is it just the combination of time and tables that you don’t believe in? Do you believe in time on its own? Do you believe in tables? (What does the man eat on?) (Does he use a fork?) When time gets too close to a table, does something bad start to happen inside you? Do you believe in clocks? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a clock and seen its soul? Do you believe in multiplication? Do you believe in aging? Do you believe in Santa Claus? If we put the time on chairs, would that be better somehow? (Could we call them timechairs?) When did you stop believing in time? Late at night, do you believe the hands of the clock are reaching towards you through the darkness? Do you believe that by visiting Alabama so quickly after the tornado that you somehow made up for New Orleans? Do you believe in God? Do you believe your God has a wristwatch? Do you believe your God believes in eating at a table? Do you believe that God carries a billy club? Do you believe God can deliver an ass whupping Does your God ever spank you? Have you ever been naughty? How much coke did you do in college anyway? Did time start to chage when you were snorting all that coke? Did the seconds begin to whirl in your mind like a blender filled with confetti?

Originally Published: March 14th, 2007

Jeffrey McDaniel is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Chapel of Inadvertent Joy (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013). Other books include The Endarkenment (Pittsburgh, 2008), The Splinter Factory (Manic D, 2002), The Forgiveness Parade (Manic D Press, 1998), and Alibi School (Manic D, 1995). His poems have...

  1. March 14, 2007

    i just wanted to say that i think you hit that nail right on it's head!!!! very wordly done.