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The Xenotext Experiment: An Interview with Christian Bök

By Kenneth Goldsmith

Christian Bök: Postmodern life has utterly recoded the avant-garde demand for radical newness. Innovation in art no longer differs from the kind of manufactured obsolescence that has come to justify advertisements for “improved” products; nevertheless, we have to find a new way to contribute by generating a “surprise” (a term that almost conforms to the cybernetic definition of “information”). The future of poetry may no longer reside in the standard lyricism of emotional anecdotes, but in other exploratory procedures, some of which may seem entirely unpoetic, because they work, not by expressing subjective thoughts, but by exploiting unthinking machines, by colonizing unfamiliar lexicons, or by simulating unliterary art forms.
The Xenotext Experiment: An Interview with Christian Bök in Postmodern Culture | PDF Archive

Posted in Uncategorized on Saturday, July 28th, 2007 by Kenneth Goldsmith.