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Quick Review 01 September 30, 2007: —————– “My feelings of anger do not interfere with my work. In order to have good health, I have to act in a pleasing way to other more powerful individuals. [...] by

Anxiety, a rant in three fits September 30, 2007: Fit the First: Anxiety and Audience I was working on this post a while ago, perhaps an oblique response to Brian Phillips’ essay among other conversations, and then got caught up in some other [...] by

J’aime/Je n’aime pas September 28, 2007: Let’s take a break from theorizing (or not). Let’s play the J’aime/je n’aime pas game, which I am totally cribbing from the bloggers Jenny Davidson and Ed Park, who cribbed it from Roland [...] by

Writing and Failure (Part 8) September 28, 2007: Readers of these posts about failure are offering lots of excellent responses to my provocations, and I am grateful for the interest. Some of you have suggested that the avant-garde indulges in [...] by

Those Pesky Minority Poets September 28, 2007: You know, in light of the recent Poetry Society of America ruckus, in which board members Walter Mosley, Rafael Campo, Elizabeth Alexander and Mary Jo Salter resigned after comments made by the [...] by

The Rainbow Connection September 28, 2007: A couple of my fellow blogsters also have little ones underfoot, so I’m sure they will appreciate the problem of “toddler music.” (I need to track down Steve’s suggestion of a couple of weeks [...] by

Writing and Failure (Part 7) September 26, 2007: Ange Mlinko has suggested in her recent post that the avant-garde avoids an engagment with the sensuality of experience, when in fact nearly every variety of avant-garde practice takes delight in the [...] by

Happy Birthday T.S. Eliot September 26, 2007: I was reminded by several people (and the Writer’s Almanac) that today is T.S. Eliot’s birthday. T. S. Eliot was one of my first loves as a forming poet. by

Wednesday Shout Out September 26, 2007: I sent the following piece as a replacement (that for some reason was never posted) for a poem that was included in my Top Five love poems feature on the Poetry Foundation website last Valentine’s [...] by

no telling September 25, 2007: It’s not clear to me that the Internet is the best medium– in fact, it’s clear that it is not the best medium– for long-form reflective, evaluative or detailedly analytic [...] by