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Poetic Machines 07 November 30, 2007: —————– “There is no mathematics more lost than love. I do not see her water, her peace, her rest. It is I who become her. My throat a sea in the depths and [...] by

no-yes November 30, 2007: Our toddler invented this spring, and still occasionally uses, the made-up and entirely apropos word “No-yes”: he uses it when he’s feeling independent, when we ask him whether he [...] by

First Loves November 30, 2007: Debit: As an Accounting major at Temple University, enrolling in an Introduction to Poetry course was an indulgence beyond rationale for many of my friends and family. Credit: Of course I had [...] by

Sound and Drink November 29, 2007: I don’t think brevity will ever go out of style. June Dangled above the traffic’s rasp: a contrail a crow a nail gun’s echo. Sappho Hears gossip makes it song it won’t be long [...] by

every poem wants something November 29, 2007: All week I’ve been teaching Richard Powers’ great novel Galatea 2.2, a book about computers and fiction-writing and lovelornness that does as much as almost any prose work ever written to [...] by

Poetry & Influence of the Non-literary Variety November 29, 2007: So many strands/strains of the old country and other people’s cultural traditions inform the arts of the Americas, even if we do not readily acknowledge them. Klezmer, Blue-grass, Deep soul, [...] by

Why No One Wants to be a New Formalist November 29, 2007: Some of the lively discussion at Harriet has alerted me to the fact that people debate over who gets to be in the church of the Avant Garde—who gets to be among the Elect, who gets to be in the [...] by

The dog of language snapping at my heels November 28, 2007: The poems of Elfriede Jelinek published in the November issue of Poetry (translated by Michael Hofmann) are her first to appear in English. But, as Hofmann notes, her literary career began with [...] by

Wednesday Shout Out November 28, 2007: Javier O. Huerta’s debut, Some Clarifications y otros poemas received the Chicano/ Latino Literary Prize from the University of California at Irvine. I’m not sure it could have been a contender [...] by

Poetic Machines 06 November 28, 2007: ———– The Writing Machine from The Voyage to Laputa by Jonathan Swift ———– by