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The Greatness of Kenneth Koch December 13, 2007: Don Share beat me to a post on Kenneth Koch and Patrizia Cavalli. “Talking to Patrizia” is actually one of my favorite love poems, tart and social and messy. So when I read Cavalli’s lesbian [...] by

Talking to Patrizia December 12, 2007: Jordan Davis (thank you, Jordan!) made the connection for me: Patrizia Cavalli, whose poems are featured in the Italian Poetry Portfolio in the December issue of Poetry is the title character of [...] by

Wednesday Shout Out December 12, 2007: Sarah Browning is the founder of D.C. Poets Against the War and the director of Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness. Her activist furor is a birthright, having been [...] by

Feeling Guilty December 11, 2007: I’m guilty—because I quoted Wendy Cope. I’d wanted something apropos and light— Now suddenly I’m feeling like a dope. I thought a credit was sufficient—nope; I hadn’t asked [...] by

The Real Predicament December 10, 2007: Christian Bok’s post here is a sad reminder of a persistent problem with poetry reviewers and bloggers: the dismissal of “cerebral” work and the exaltation of a crude notion of the [...] by

sonnets, busyness, influence, and macaronics (not in that order) December 10, 2007: Normally critics, scholars and reviewers (even those who are also poets, such as [coughs] me) are supposed to spend more time reading than they do writing: you read a book, you read it again if you [...] by

Aurora de Albornoz (1926-1990) December 10, 2007: A celebrated scholar of Spanish and Latin American literature, Aurora de Albornoz also published eleven books of poetry during her lifetime. She’s an innovative poet who incorporated prose poems, [...] by

Visual Poetics 01 December 9, 2007: —————– “Plans for a Monument” from Nicholodeon by Darren Wershler-Henry Coach House Books, 1997 —————– Darren [...] by

Nude Formalism (Redux) December 9, 2007: A. E. Stallings has intimated that New Formalists might benefit from more dialogue with an avant-garde coterie like Oulipo, since both groups often write works according to a diverse variety of [...] by

Poetry Tourism? December 9, 2007: We are now approaching that time of year … when we wish we were elsewhere. …I am now in the town that time forgot, San Carlos, after a night on a crazy ferry, but on my way to tropical islands [...] by