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A broader question December 31, 2008: G. And what have you found in Iceland? C. What have we found? More copy, more surface, Vignettes as they call them, dead flowers in an album – The harmoniums in the farms, the fine-bread and [...] by

Harriet Flarf December 30, 2008: This post is partly what it’s like being one of Harriet’s ventriloquists. It splices text from Harriet bloggers, commenters, and anonymous robots who deposit semi-truck loads of SPAM for [...] by

FOR POETRY LOVERS WHO DIG THE MANIC December 28, 2008: This favorite link may be old news to some, but I was delighted to be hipped to the Caroline Bergvall Dante poem, “Via”, sent courtesy Dr. Natasha Saje at Westminster College, Utah. [...] by

Recessive festive December 21, 2008: by

SINGING THE DIGITAL-AGE BLUES December 20, 2008: Coming from the hard-knock world of secretaries and billing clerks, grappling with techno-advances in the workplace once seemed like a song. The turnover for “pink-collar workers” had accelerated [...] by

Some Favorite Books of 2008 December 19, 2008: A few of these books were published last year, and there are definitely others that we’d like to point out to readers, but for the sake of brevity, we limited our picks. We hope you’ll [...] by

We Baaad December 19, 2008: Before the internet, writers interested in weird, amateurish or specialized lingos had to scrounge for them in used book stores and porn shops. There was no Google to barf verbiage onto your lap. I [...] by

HOPE ALL-AMERICAN GHETTO STYLE December 19, 2008: Audrey called a week ago today. I went for family visit. We have been friends for forty years—a friendship that has corresponded to my literary pursuits. She has always appreciated my quest, if not [...] by

Elizabeth Alexander to Read at Obama Inauguration December 17, 2008: Yale professor and celebrated poet of memory and race Elizabeth Alexander has been selected to read as part of Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ceremony in January. Alexander speculated on poets in the [...] by

2008 December 17, 2008: An eventful year of petty vandalism, monumental publication, and pardons seven hundred years in the making is finally coming to a close. And while there may be some big stories forthcoming in the [...] by