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Booze, Bling, and the Home Video Review of Books

By Travis Nichols

Coldfront Magazine, a poetry review revue and aggregator of online verse edited by Graeme Bezanson, John Deming, and Melinda Wilson, has an occasional feature called Poets Off Poetry, described as “where poets talk about what they’re listening to, and its sometimes ancillary results.”

The essays serve as a kind of “Real Life Top Ten” for Sebaldian bloggers, with a mix of photos, mp3s, and analysis on the playlists and passions of the featured writers.
Ever wonder about Elizabeth Bishop and the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B”? Sandra Simonds has you covered. What about how to write a Mike Jones poem? Jillian Weise is there. The best tunes for begin down and out in Sagniaw, Michigan? Gina Myers is your gal.
The section is run by Jackie Clark, and while I’m not sure how she edits or curates the space, I highly recommend getting in touch with any “Questions, compliments, (hopefully not) complaints? Contact Jackie Clark: afterthoughtgraveyard[at]gmail[dot]com.”
Gina Myers is also one of the poets featured in the second edition of Mathias Svalina and Julia Cohen’s “Home Video Review of Books,” a quirky video blog that might seem pretty self explanatory, but, uh, no.
Here’s the entirety of Svalina and Cohen’s review of Lisa Jarnot’s Night Scenes:

Any questions?

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 by Travis Nichols.