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Too late late Capitalism in Iceland

By Linh Dinh

I just got an email from Eirikur Örn Norðdahl:
It’s the craziest I’ve seen–people going around talking of counter revolutionaries etc.–people who loved capitalism half an hour ago.
It literally is crazy. You wouldn’t recognize it for the same country–hell, I don’t.
Anyways, I thought you might enjoy “Kreppusonnettan (IMF! IMF! OMG! OMG!)”:

Eiríkur’s notes: Iceland’s independence hero, Jón Sigurðsson, performs the “Crisis Sonnet” by Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl–written in response to the IMF coming to Iceland.
IMF and OMG and LOL should be recognizable to English speakers. The FME is the Icelandic Financial surveillance authorities, and FIT is what you pay as a fine for using your bankcard when you don’t have any money in your account–as well as being a guesthouse/prison for people who come to Iceland asking for political asylum.
See also Surviving Iceland, a blog by a Reykjavik resident.
Better time: Farewell dinner of the Nýhil’s 3rd International Poetry Festival. Photo taken in Stokkseyri, Iceland, October 2007.

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  • On December 12, 2008 at 4:44 pm Don Share wrote:

    “If only I had enough money to support myself.” — Wallace Stevens, Letters, p. 53

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