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Hevenyssh December 16, 2008: Like the growth of crystals: a formative will and the impossibility of adopting any other mode. by

The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza December 15, 2008: I have been waiting for Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Life and Times of DJ Spinoza ever since I saw his ribald virtuosic performance five years ago in some obscure midtown gallery. Yes, let me repeat [...] by

Faits Divers de la Poesie Americaine et Britannique, December 14, 2008: an anonymous blog inspired by Félix Fénéon’s Nouvelles en trois lignes: In the middle of a reading, the last on his Bretagne tour, M. Antin caught fire. This was at the beach house of Mme [...] by

Set aside December 12, 2008: Last weekend, walking along this beach, I wondered about all the bad poems and paintings this landscape has inspired. It’s the Suffolk coast between Walberswick and Dunwich (a dangerously [...] by

Cunnilingus in North Korea December 12, 2008: (still from Paul Chan’s video) I just noticed poetryfoundation’s video podcast section, which reminds me of Claudia Rankine’s video essays. Poets expanding into multi-media [...] by

December 11, 2008: This post has been removed from our archive. by

The Gracefully Over-Ambitious December 11, 2008: The Machine Project is a little storefront gallery in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It recently got some national attention for helping to take over the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, [...] by

2008 American Book Awards December 11, 2008: The Before Columbus Foundation announces Winners of the Twenty-Eighth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS Moustafa Bayoumi, How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America (The Penguin [...] by

Booze, Bling, and the Home Video Review of Books December 10, 2008: Coldfront Magazine, a poetry review revue and aggregator of online verse edited by Graeme Bezanson, John Deming, and Melinda Wilson, has an occasional feature called Poets Off Poetry, described as [...] by

Write This Way December 9, 2008: A while back, I received an email soliciting a poem for a webzine I’d never heard of, but new journals sprout up all the time, some of them even good, and I almost always contribute when asked [...] by