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Flarf vs. Conceptual Writing December 8, 2008: Flarf: Conceptual Writing: by

Achiote Press Reading in Celebration of 40th Anniversary of UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library December 7, 2008: It’s good to be a Bay Arean. (Wait. That doesn’t sound right.) It’s good to live in the Bay Area, partly because of all the great readings. I don’t think anyone covers a [...] by

Too late late Capitalism in Iceland December 6, 2008: I just got an email from Eirikur Örn Norðdahl: It’s the craziest I’ve seen–people going around talking of counter revolutionaries etc.–people who loved capitalism half an [...] by

Science Fiction Poetry December 5, 2008: I have not gotten my hands on Andrew Joron’s latest 2008 collection, The Sound Mirror, so I’d like to push his older collection, Science Fiction, published in 1992. I’ve been curious about [...] by

The fist of survival: On childhood and poetry December 5, 2008: I wanted to leave everywhere from about the age of nine. This involved delinquency at school and withdrawal from the home scene. I didn’t like grown-ups with the exception of my father and felt [...] by

“Good Bad Poetry”: A Conversation December 4, 2008: Now, far be it from “Poetry & Popular Culture” to take particular umbrage at the Poetry Foundation’s use of the term “good bad poetry”–despite the fact that [...] by

Letters to Poets December 3, 2008: Last month, Saturnalia Books published Letters to Poets, an enthralling mess of correspondence between emerging and established poets, edited by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax. The anthology [...] by

from The Lower Half, December 3, 2008: a sustained meditation, symposium on the body’s nether regions: Judith Schaechter, 2008, pencil on paper. by

“undocumented poem” December 1, 2008: El Deportado, by Anonymous No tengo papeles, by Abelardo “Lalo” Delgado Running to America, by Luis J. Rodriguez Human Resources, by Monica Teresa Ortiz Imperfect Utterances, by Monica de la [...] by

What I Learned Blogging for Harriet (after Alan Gilbert) November 30, 2008: That in response to postings, a lot of people prefer to send back channel emails than to publish their comments on site. That one criterion for death is the failure to communicate or respond. That I [...] by