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Verse Charades November 30, 2008: I offer you two charades: 1. My first doth affliction denote, Which my second is destin’d to feel And my whole is the best antidote That affliction to soften and heal. 2. My first displays the [...] by

THAT WHICH I SHOULD HAVE DONE I DID NOT DO November 30, 2008: “already i missed not working and felt the death loneliness that comes at the end of everyday that is wasted in your life…” by

Revolver November 30, 2008: I first came across Robyn Schiff’s poem “Dear Ralph Lauren” at jubilat (where I’m a guest editor) and was floored by the formal and emotional torques of this wonderfully odd poem. Put simply, [...] by

The plain shape of things November 30, 2008: Something stops making sense, won’t stay still, can’t be grasped, and then you come across the plain shape of it – a simple version that says ‘This is what I mean.’ Once when I was [...] by

What Is Eco-Poetry November 29, 2008: Owl Visitation recorded by visionary artist Thomas Ashcraft (play the brief movie clip at the site below) Thomas Ashcraft, Heliotown As globalization draws us together and industrialization and human [...] by

McGonagalls All November 29, 2008: Javier Huerta: More and more I am convinced that what we need now is a revival of bad poetry. So I’m working on a book of bad poems. Friend Unnamed: You mean another one. JH: Ah, well . . . FU: [...] by

A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century: Don’t Look Away November 28, 2008: Adina Hoffman, author of the biography of Taha Muhammad Ali: My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century
 As Adina Hoffman notes in the Prelude to My [...] by

Europe: Don’t Look Away, 16 New German Poets
 (Burning Deck) & New European Poets
 (Graywolf) November 26, 2008: New European Poets
, Edited by Wayne Miller & Kevin Prufer (Graywolf, 2008) There’s a lot to complain about Graywolf’s New European Poets
, edited by Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer, but [...] by

Clear Cutting November 25, 2008: To do five readings, I went from Philadelphia to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, then back to San Francisco. I slept in five homes, two hotels and two trains. I saw old friends, made many new [...] by

An Emphasis Falls on Reality November 25, 2008: Wesleyan University Press has just released the by