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The one thing December 31, 2009: “The poet has only one thing to write, and does so for the lifespan of the poet, the one thing is—the writing,”  by

Starting in on Marina’s question December 31, 2009: I just heard someone say about another someone that “she likes to date guys who wear ironic hats.” I prefer unplanned irony, personally speaking, which is another way of saying I don’t pay any [...] by

This is just to say… December 30, 2009: hello! My name is Thom Donovan and I will be blogging at Harriet from January thruout March. If anyone would like to learn more about what I do please visit my weblog Wild Horses Of Fire [...] by

Lucky December 29, 2009: by

Deborah December 27, 2009: by

Give Me a Break December 27, 2009: It happens during every break from school: I am suddenly overcome with rich, vivid, dreams, like something out of a Vision Quest. I wake up with images and lines I scribble down as quickly as I can. [...] by

With regards to the Crackademy December 26, 2009: The top ten illnesses in our household in 2009 have been: roto virus, lyme disease, sinus infection, common cold, pink eye, swine flu, pink eye redux, occasional faint echoes by

Sliding Doors December 23, 2009: Many people use the final days of December to take stock of the year — counting their blessings or wallowing in regret. Maybe this is because, as Dana Gioia writes in Summer Storm, “Memory [...] by

Mr. C December 22, 2009: by

Trampoline=Po√2 December 21, 2009: The trajectory of this year’s poetry bathing has taken me from total immersion to arid heave. Since moving two years ago, from the molten core of the globe’s poetry universe to the [...] by