2009 has been quite a year for Harriet.  The blog has published hundreds of posts by scores of writers, received thousands of comments, and been visited by a record number of readers.  This fall our traffic has been at an all-time high, and so it appears that the trend is continuing upwards.  We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make the space what it is.  We hope that the new year brings more glad tidings, comments, visitors, and, of course, engaging discussion.

As we’ve noted before, the blog is an on-going experiment, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience.  To that end, we’re replacing the like/dislike function in the comments section with a “report this comment” button.  Moving forward, if you find a comment to be off-topic or abusive, please use the “report” button and the Harriet staff will be duly notified.  The general comments policy remains the same.

We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to a new year of fruitful discussion in 2010.

But before we get to the new year, let’s look back once more at the remarkable year that was.  Below, you’ll find the Top 10 most-viewed posts of the past year, along with the Top 10 most-viewed articles of the past year.  As you'll see, we covered a lot of ground together.  Thank you.

Catherine Halley and Travis Nichols

The Most-Viewed Posts on Harriet in 2009:

#1) "Craig Arnold" by Don Share

#2) "Plath As A Major Poet" by Annie Finch

#3) "Political Economy" by Eileen Myles

#4) "It's Always a Bad Time for Poetry" by Kenneth Goldsmith

#5) "'Poets Really They're the Laziest Supidest People I Know'" by Kenneth Goldsmith

#6) "Hayden Carruth 1921-2008" by Joel Brouwer

#7) "I Hate Poetry" by Eileen Myles

#8) "The Inaugural Poem" by Travis Nichols

#9) "Real Life" by Don Share

#10) "Post on the Post" by Eileen Myles

The Most-Viewed Articles in 2009:

#1) "Flarf is Dionysus. Conceptual Writing is Apollo." by Kenneth Goldsmith

#2) "Show Your Work!" by Matthew Zapruder

#3) "Para Rumbiar" by Fernando Perez

#4) "Sex, Drugs, and Thom Gunn" by Tom Sleigh

#5) "Beat America" by Aram Saroyan

#6) "Keats in Space" by Molly Young

#7) "Only Connect" by Tao Lin

#8) "I Blame Blogs" by Allison Glock

#9) "The Hero and the Gunslinger" by Aram Saroyan

#10) "From a Notebook that Never Was" by Fernando Pessoa

Originally Published: December 18th, 2009
  1. December 19, 2009
     Gary B. Fitzgerald

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

  2. December 20, 2009
     Margo Berdeshevsky

    Amen, Harriet. Gone the stadium, thumbs gratefully buried in old snow; and up with humans and poets, again at last.

  3. December 22, 2009
     John Oliver Simon

    No es que sea muy aficionado de los obsesionados ya exiliados a otro lugar, pero cada vez que se menciona el asunto, el comentario desaparece antes que nada. Raro.

  4. December 24, 2009

    Interesting. I was notified by email about the blog's policy change. I confess I am not sure I can see much of a change. What is management's exact definition of how much "off-topic" is too much off-topic? Or where exactly is the distinction made between the abusive comment and the critical or even bitchy comment passed off as being humorous? And what is to keep the snarkiness from creeping back in by way of the "report a comment" function? \r

    I think I'll wait and see. Trust is sewn with a slender thread.\r