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doing time, and rhyme, with “invictus” December 19, 2009: Clint Eastwood’s rather long film Invictus shares its title with the rather short poem that inspired Nelson Mandela throughout his years in jail. “They’re just words,” explains Morgan [...] by

A few minor items to add to a clamor December 18, 2009: I had hoped to get a couple more entries up by now, but it’s a particularly cunning germ season in our abode at the moment and I am in fact trying to dash this off before by

Dear Readers December 18, 2009: 2009 has been quite a year for Harriet.  The blog has published hundreds of posts by scores of writers, received thousands of comments, and been visited by a record number of readers.  This fall [...] by

Exercise on a color December 16, 2009: The woman steps over a crack while holding her morning coffee. by

dmitri December 16, 2009: by

ghosts and anne carson haunt nyu December 15, 2009: “The radio, the salad. Some of which, white—“ “Was it a Thursday? Was it a Friday? White stuff exploding—“ “Some of which, white, looks good in the salad—“ The audience of [...] by

Nothing in that spam queue December 14, 2009: It used to be the case that I’d type things up fairly quickly after getting them. Now I seem to want more distance between the accumulation of materials and their typing or arranging. by

Found text #2: Because I can… December 14, 2009: jd >> fact that it is my edited selection of words. What is writing besides >> picking out words and putting them together in a frame? If I’m picking >> the frame and the [...] by

True/False December 12, 2009: When I say begin, open your test booklet and begin reading. When you finish reading, write your own list poem. I have always loved Dean Young’s poem “True/False” from his brilliant [...] by