Originally Published: January 13th, 2010

Sotère Torregian is an American poet, born in Newark, New Jersey on June 25, 1941. He attended Rutgers University, and taught briefly at the Free University of New York and Stanford University, where he helped establish the Afro-American studies program in 1969. In the mid-1960s he was associated with the...

  1. January 13, 2010
     Bhanu Kapil

    Oh, I'm glad I clicked on the comment prompt, so that now I see your tag reads: "Christine, poetry..." Mine sort of does too, if I had one! I can't listen to your post because my son is sleeping; he's in that in-between place where we're all completely done for if he wakes up again. But the title of your post produced a progressed or emptied out image of a human face, and I liked that, next to the word for "animals." In the morning, I will listen properly. Can we ask you questions, and then you answer them in your post, and maybe Travis, if he was reading this, could ask you? You are a French surrealist. I feel as if there are so many things we could ask you. I want to ask you, for example, to describe a sculpture you visited many times.