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Life Studies by Robert Lowell revisited April 30, 2010: I have known for years that Life Studies is one of Robert Lowell’s most important books and a classic of confessional poetry, but I had never actually sat down and read it from cover to cover. [...] by

I saved my most impersonal post for last. April 30, 2010: He came to live with his brother. He has a very big dog. He knows how to ride a bike. He wanted to find a job. He wanted to talk to his boss. He went to the post office. His wife is at work right [...] by

Oye Poeta! April 30, 2010: Was traveling today and just wanted to send off a quick and humble so long before the month is gone. It’s been a true honor to swim with you all this month. A thank you to Travis Nichols for [...] by

The secret to managing is to keep the ones who hate you away from the ones who are undecided April 30, 2010: “And truly, had not the duty I owe unto the importunity of friends, and the allegiance I must ever acknowledge unto truth, prevailed with me, the inactivity of my disposition might have made [...] by

Iraqi Poetry Today–and more… April 30, 2010: As I deployed to Iraq as an Army sergeant late in 2003, I stuffed an anthology of poems (Iraqi Poetry Today; King’s College, London, 2003) into my rucksack. I never would have guessed that within a [...] by

Nonsite Collective (Redistributing Poetic Effort part II) April 30, 2010: I first “happened” upon the Nonsite Collective in the summer of 2007 when I was in residency at the Headlands Art Centre near Sausalito, California. I called up some of my friends, asked [...] by

Stealing Back… April 30, 2010: If you go to the Amazon.com site to purchase Stacey Lynn Brown’s first book of poetry, you may not notice a slight difference between the title printed on the book cover and the title as it’s [...] by

Harriet as Facebook News Feed April 30, 2010: With so many poets posting on Harriet in April, it has resembled a Facebook News Feed. There’s been too little time to read all of them and even less time to promote them. So here’s a cheat sheet [...] by

Oh, Kwame Dawes, I was Just Thinking About You April 30, 2010: One of my students talked about you in class on Wednesday. A white girl at a fancy university claimed you as a poetic ancestor. Spoke eloquently of her affection for your poems and your energy and [...] by

A few words and poems: Mairead Byrne April 30, 2010: SUMMER HOURS At sundown men in loose powder-blue overalls come in a white city truck and unfurl tarps stashed between the bars of the wrought-iron fence and nudge them up and out over the park [...] by